Quang Binh tours to Nuoc Nut Cave – Hang Va Cave

Nuoc Nut Cave and Hang Va Cave are being chosen by most travelers in Quang Binh tours, in stead of joining tours to Son Doong Cave. These two caves are evaluated as caves having more beautiful stalacties than those in Son Doong Cave.

Quang Binh tours to Nuoc Nut Cave – Hang Va Cave at Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park will be launched from the middle of July 2015. Initially, the tours are exploited with the frequency of 01 tour/week in July and August with the maximum of 08 tourists. From 2016 (February to August), the tour will be exploited 03 tours/week. Before allowing the exploitation of Nuoc Nut Cave – Hang Va Cave, Quang Binh People’s Committee held surveys at two caves, also approved a plan to ensure safety in rescuing, and exploring these tours.



In Phong Nha Ke Bang tours to Nuoc Nut Cave – Va Cave, travelers will trek through jungles and streams… in the period of 2 days and 1 night. The total length of route (round-trip) is about 20km. The most interesting thing of the tour is that visitors will have a chance to explore large dome of Nuoc Nut Cave and stalactite lakes in Hang Va Cave. In Hang Va cave, wading streams about 500 meter, visitors will experience a nearly 15-meter high wall, and they have to use harness and rope to cross the wall. Than, the cave’s arch appears. There are many lakes with thousands of walled stalactite and stalagmite columns springing up inside the lake, making up a fanciful scene.
Stalactite columns are formed in different ways, unlike other caves in Vietnam and in the world. Stalactite columns here are formed from hard materials such as wood branches or sand at the bottom of the lake; over time, the water of lake with calcium clings and covers objects, forming columns of stalactites. The Nuoc Nut Cave – Va Cave adventure is one of the toughest tours in Phong Nha Ke Bang, and it is grouped in exploration of Son Doong tours and Tu Lan tours.


Nuoc Nut Cave was discovered in 2001. This is a river cave with the length of 2.2km with a large cave ceiling. After discovering Nuoc Nut Cave, visitors will trek for one hour to reach Va Cave and make camps to stay overnight. Being founded in 2000 by Mr. Ho Khanh, Va Cave has a length of 1.686m, a width of 99m, and a height of 55m. The cave has two parts which are divided by a 15 meter stone wall. The entrance of Va Cave is a hole surrounded by stone cliffs in a valley. Therefore, visitors wishing to enter the cave must use safety equipment, along with being instructed by experienced experts. When passing the entrance, visitors wading streams for about 500m, and then conquer the 15-meter wall to reach another part of the cave where there are stalactite lakes with about 1,000 columns.



Stalactite columns here are in shape of pyramid with relatively similar size and special structure. Over the time, natural things at the bottom of the lake are formed as stalactites. With a vulnerable structure, stalactites in Va Cave are second-to-none. According to experts of British Royal Cave Research Association, with the structure and beauty of the stalactite system, Hang Va Cave is appreciated as the cave which has a wonderful beauty with more beautiful stalactites in Son Doong Cave. With more convenient terrain, Nuoc Nut Cave – Va Cave tours are evaluated as one of best choices for short holidays in Vietnam, in stead of joining Son Doong Cave tours.


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